2022-04-29 BC (tiny)

Charts From Jeff’s spreadsheet: From the federal vax page:

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week ending 2022-04-28 BC

Okay, folks, I am now willing to say that we are in the middle of a big wave that nobody is talking about. There are currently 570 people in hospital with COVID-19, and the pre-Omicron max hospitalizations was 515 (on 28 April 2021). This is bad. Yes, yes, some of them are there “with” COVID-19… Continue reading week ending 2022-04-28 BC

week ending 2022-04-28 General

Vaccines This article says that Moderna has formally filed a request that the US FDA approve their vax for children between 6 months and 5 years, yay! Moderna says the two-dose regime is 51% effective against infection. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is compared to kids without vax (who don’t get sick as… Continue reading week ending 2022-04-28 General

2022-04-22 BC (tiny)

There are several charts with come out on Fridays, so I will make this tiny little stub of a blog post just for those charts. Charts From my buddy Jeff (who says that yes he collects manually, but it’s cut and paste so unlikely to be numerically incorrect)’s Google Sheet: See also the Lower Mainland… Continue reading 2022-04-22 BC (tiny)

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Week ending 2022-04-21 General

Variants This paper shows the increase in average transmission for different SARS-CoV-2 variants relative to COVID Classic: Long COVID This paper says that people can shed COVID-19 RNA in their poo for like seven months after they got infected. They also saw a correlation between the amount of COVID-19 RNA is their poo and gastrointestinal… Continue reading Week ending 2022-04-21 General

Week ending 2022-04-14 BC

Testing From today’s BC COVID-19 Situation Report, wastewater COVID-19 levels are going up: Vaccines The BC CDC dashboard says that Novavax vaccines have arrived! The province is being lazy and using the J&J slot to now mean “J&J and Novavax”, but I think that the J&J never got distributed. The dashboard says that 93 of… Continue reading Week ending 2022-04-14 BC

Week ending 2022-04-14 General

Because the rest of the world has decided that COVID doesn’t exist any more, I am dropping down to one post per week. I am going to stop posting articles which are repetitive, especially ones of the form “Oh look! {Vaccines, boosters, treatments} still work against {Omicron, older variants}”; “Oh look! Vaccines wane in effectiveness!”;… Continue reading Week ending 2022-04-14 General

2022-04-05/06 General

Vaccines Still don’t think you need a booster? Check out this graph from this awesome slide deck (referencing this paper) for people vaxxed with Pfizer: (I really doubt that it actually goes negative. I bet what that really shows is that the control group has some protection via infections, potentially recent infections.) Don’t get the… Continue reading 2022-04-05/06 General