2022-03-29/30 BC

Mitigation Measures This press release from the Ministry of Health says that they are ending the quarantine supports for farm workers. They said that 97% of the farmworkers who enter are fully vaccinated. Statistics +313 cases, +1 death, +230 first doses, +716 second doses, +1,965 other doses. 273 in hospital / 46 in ICU. +291… Continue reading 2022-03-29/30 BC

2022-03-24/25 General

Vaccines This article reports that the World Health Organization’s COVAX project declined to approve Medicago’s vax — not because their vax doesn’t work, but because Medicago is largely owned by Big Tobacco, and that’s verboten. This preprint says that a trivalent version of the NDV-HXP-S vax with a mix of Beta, Gamma, and Delta spikes… Continue reading 2022-03-24/25 General

2022-03-24/25 BC

Mitigation Measures This article reports that a pharmacy had its PharmaCare billing rights suspended while they are investigating fake vaccination records allegedly entered there. Statistics Wed/Thu: +271 cases, +6 deaths, +521 first doses, +1,801 second doses, +2,351 other doses. 255 in hospital / 52 in ICU. +218 cases, +2 deaths, +289 first doses, +1,485 second… Continue reading 2022-03-24/25 BC

2022-03-23 General

Testing This article says that COVID-19 in wastewater is going up in many places across Canada. Mitigation Measures This article reports on an Italian study which found that better ventilation reduced COVID-19 cases dramatically in schools. Replacing classroom air 2.4 times an hour gave a 40 percent reduction in infections; 4 times an hour gave… Continue reading 2022-03-23 General

2022-03-22/23 BC

Testing The province announced today that everyone over 18 can pick up RATs at pharmacies. Mitigation Measures This article says that BC is undercounting long term care home outbreaks by just not calling them outbreaks. This article says that the province has spent $27M at private health clinics to draw down the backlog of surgical… Continue reading 2022-03-22/23 BC

2022-03-20/21 BC

Testing The province declared that people over 30 can now pick up one free rapid test kit (5 tests) at pharmacies. (You can get another kit in four weeks.) Statistics Fri/Sat: +200 casesSat/Sun: +170 casesSun/Mon: +​​136 cases Over the weekend, ~+2 deaths/day, roughly +278 first doses, +2,506 second doses, +2,724 other doses. Currently 271 in… Continue reading 2022-03-20/21 BC