Vaccines and Long COVID

This review article tells what is known about Long COVID and vaccines as of early August 2021.

Here are the studies I know about:

  • This study found that people with Long COVID were twice as likely to resolve their symptoms completely in two months if they had been vaccinated than if they hadn’t.
  • This study of infected healthcare workers in Israel found that 39 people (out of 1,497 people) said they had been vaccinated before they got infected, and 19% of those people had symptoms six weeks later. NB: 19% of 39 is 7.41 people, which is really strange. Only one person had not returned to work after six weeks. Note that seven or eight people is not a large number to base actions upon, and six weeks isn’t a particularly long time.
  • The SurvivorCorps Long COVID Facebook group sent out a survey to its members. Of 1,949 infections, 44 reported they had been vaccinated, and 24 of those reported Long COVID. The survey was self-selected, which means that you should expect to see a much higher rate of Long COVID, but it does say that it is possible to get Long COVID after being vaccinated.
  • This web page says that vaccinated/infected people are 30% less likely to get Long COVID as unvaccinated/infected people.