2023-03-25 BC tiny

Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet, using Metro Van wastewater info: It sort of looks like they accidentally swapped the 18 March 2023 Iona sample with the Lion’s Gate sample.

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2023-03-23 BC

Assholes This article says that a BC pharmacist got busted falsifying his own vax records, and has been punished (slightly). Economics This article says that the province is putting $479M into Translink to avoid a “death spiral” (where increasing fares and declining service lead to declining ridership, which leads to increasing fares and declining service,… Continue reading 2023-03-23 BC

2023-03-18 BC small

Secondary Effects This article reports that the pandemic has altered how people use electricity. The peak morning use has shifted later (probably because people who no longer have to travel to their workplace can get up earlier), they shower less, and the stream video way more. This article says that a lot of women didn’t… Continue reading 2023-03-18 BC small

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2023-03-16 BC

Assholes This article says that a guy who harassed three local journalists (who focused on COVID-19) via email about COVID-19 was convicted of criminal harassment. (I didn’t know that convictions ever happened for this type of harassment!) It also points to this study of mental health in media workers, which says things got worse during… Continue reading 2023-03-16 BC

2023-03-10 BC

I was going to watch today’s press conference delayed, so I could watch at double-speed, but the video still hasn’t posted…. so you’re going to get information (see Vaccines, below) third-hand instead of second-hand. Mitigation Measures This article says that provincial civil servants no longer need to be vaccinated (except for health care workers). You… Continue reading 2023-03-10 BC

2023-03-10 General

Special bonus post today! Mental Health I wasn’t sure if I should file this under Long COVID, Pathology, or Mitigation Measures, so I made a new category. This paper looked at a bunch of English-language studies and found that ER visits for girls attempting suicide went up 39% in the pandemic. (Boys didn’t change much.)… Continue reading 2023-03-10 General

2023-03-09 BC

Statistics As of today, the BC CDC weekly report said that in the week ending on 4 March there were: +347 reported cases, +79 hospital admissions, +17 ICU admissions, +19 thirty-day all-cause deaths*. As of today, the weekly report said that the previous week (data through 25 Feb) there were: +404 reported cases, +123 hospital admissions, +24… Continue reading 2023-03-09 BC