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Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet, using MetroVan data: Influenza Remember I’ve been saying that respiratory season hadn’t hit hard yet? Well, we’re there now. Flu is almost doubling every week right now. And NOTE! Not everybody who is hospitalized gets tested for respiratory viruses. The most recent word from the province is basically that patients get… Continue reading 2022-11-25 BC small

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week ending 2022-11-24 General

Mitigation Measures This press release from the Government of Canada says that all Canadians in federally regulated private workplaces (like banking, telecommunications and interprovincial transportation) get ten days of paid sick leave, starting on 1 Dec 2022. (They don’t get all ten days at once, it accrues.) About 6% of Canadians work in federally regulated… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-24 General

2022-11-18 BC small

Charts From Jeff’s spreadsheet using MetroVan data: The percent of people in BC vaccinated by age for 1, 2, 3, and 4 doses, from the federal vaccine page: Flu/Colds While the US and Canada Back East is legit getting walloped by respiratory illnesses, BC has not really gotten hit… yet. Anecdata: I live on an… Continue reading 2022-11-18 BC small

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week ending 2022-11-17 General

Note: This week’s post will probably be a little briefer than normal because Life is happening to me. (Everything’s fine, just busy.) Vaccines This article reports that Canada has authorized using Novavax as a booster dose. From a practical standpoint, I think what that means is that the pharmacist doesn’t need to give you a… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-17 General

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Charts From Jeff’s spreadsheet using MetroVan data: Flu and colds Okay, it’s not COVID-19, but other respiratory infections are going to affect COVID-19, particularly influenza. All of them affect hospitalizations. Both COVID-19 and influenza have vaccines which you make appointments for through the provincial GetVaccinated system, they can be mistaken for each other, they both… Continue reading 2022-11-11 BC tiny

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week ending 2022-11-10 BC

Statistics This article reports that BC CDC says they are going to work on giving data on reinfections. (Yay, about damn time.) It also mentions that the “currently-in-hospital” number does capture reinfections. (Whew!) Reminder that these statistics are wildly inaccurate. First, the province case counts do not include reinfections for some bizarre reason. Second, the… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-10 BC

week ending 2022-11-10 General

Mitigation Measures This article reports that a poll found that 69% of Canadians would either support or “somewhat support” a mask mandate for indoor public spaces if there are rising case counts. In BC, 72% said they supported or “somewhat supported” such a mandate. Long COVID This paper from Germany lays at least part of… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-10 General

2022-11-04 BC tiny

Charts MetroVan COVID-19 levels in wastewater, from Jeff’s spreadsheet: I can actually see a very sloooooow decline in the Vancouver levels, but everywhere else seems pretty stable.