2023-09-15 BC

I really don’t have much for y’all today. There’s not much BC-specific news this week. Wastewater The wastewater levels seem to have plateaued for no reason that I can think of. Maybe because kids are in school? (<- That’s a joke.)

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2023-09-15 General

This week, there have been a TON of articles with “What you need to know” in the headline. “What you need to know about the fall vaccines”, “What you need to know about BA.2.86”, “What you need to know about COVID this fall”, “What you need to know about COVID rapid tests heading into the… Continue reading 2023-09-15 General

2023-09-08 General

Long COVID This paper from USA looked at Long COVID in US veterans over two years. It found: Note, however, that this study did not look at the risk of diagnoses of other illnesses, e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular incidents, neurological impairments, etc. which other studies have found. Also, this study was done on US veterans, an… Continue reading 2023-09-08 General

2023-09-08 BC

COVID-19 cases are increasing, by pretty much every measure. Statistics As of Sept 7, the BC CDC situation report says that in the week ending on 2 Sept there were: +447 reported cases, +119 hospital admissions, +17 ICU admissions, +12 thirty-day all-cause deaths*. In the week ending 26 Aug, there were: +366 reported cases, +136… Continue reading 2023-09-08 BC