2023-02-24 BC tiny

Wastewater Yes, yes, I posted the province’s wastewater charts yesterday, but I like Jeff’s spreadsheet‘s charts better, so here they are: It’s hard to tell because the data is so noisy, but maybe Vancouver and Fraser are trending up? They aren’t going down, for sure.

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2023-02-23 BC

Restaurants This article says that the City of Burnaby granted two bars (Dageraad Brewing and Studio Brewing) licenses for permanent patios. Attitudes This survey says that 64% of British Columbians don’t want a return to COVID-19 mandates and 18% would like stricter health measures, though 23% (28% of the over-55s) would like to see vax… Continue reading 2023-02-23 BC

2023-02-17 BC tiny

Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet, using MetroVan data: Not better, not worse. :-/ Other Upper Respiratory Infections I said I wasn’t going to post about upper respiratory infections any more, but the levels aren’t continuing to go down as fast as I expected. Anecdata: Children’s Hospital’s wait times have gone back up. When I looked this… Continue reading 2023-02-17 BC tiny

2023-02-16 BC

Health Care System This article says that BC is shutting down its four in-person Long COVID clinics and moving exclusively to telehealth. I actually think that’s a good idea — it’s hard to get yourself to a clinic, especially if the clinic is in a part of the province you don’t live in. (Three of… Continue reading 2023-02-16 BC

2023-02-10 BC

I am travelling and last night my ISP was down, so this is delayed and light. Statistics As of today, the BC CDC weekly report said that in the week ending on 4 Feb there were: +278 reported (not confirmed!) cases, +88 hospital admissions, +21 ICU admissions, +20 thirty-day all-cause deaths. As of today, the… Continue reading 2023-02-10 BC

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2023-02-10 General

I am travelling and yesterday my ISP had some problem, so this week’s posts are late and will also be light. Vaccines This article reports that Medicago, the only manufacturer of COVID-19 vaxes in Canada, is shutting down. 😞 This article says that the governments of Quebec and Canada are trying to help find a… Continue reading 2023-02-10 General

2023-02-03 BC tiny

Wastewater Jeff’s spreadsheets of Metro Van COVID-19 levels in wastewater are not reassuring:

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2023-02-02 BC

Statistics As of today, the BC CDC weekly report said that in the week ending on 28 Jan there were: +293 confirmed cases, +73 hospital admissions, +26 ICU admissions, +30 all-cause deaths. As of today, the weekly report said that the previous week (data through 21 Jan) there were: +408 confirmed cases, +123 hospital admissions, +19 ICU… Continue reading 2023-02-02 BC