2024-03-01 BC

I don’t have an easy summary. It feels like most metrics are trending down slowly over the longer term, but this week looks like maybe it’s going up? But maybe that’s noise? The biggest scary thing is what sure looks like a wastewater rise in Fraser Health. 🙁 Other Infections From the BC CDC’s Pathogen… Continue reading 2024-03-01 BC

2024-02-24 BC

COVID-19 levels in BC are flat or maaaaaaybe dropping a little. Government DoNoHarm BC is an anti-COVID advocacy organization in BC, and probably worth joining (or at least paying attention to) if you want better anti-COVID measures. The BC budget just came out, and this report analyzes how anti-COVID measures fared in the budget. Direct… Continue reading 2024-02-24 BC

2024-01-19 BC

Cases are rising but the number in hospital is falling. Two wastewater plants showed a dive so deep that it’s hard to believe, so…. your guess is as good as mine. Respiratory Diseases It definitely looks like BC respiratory illnesses have peaked, and at a lower level than last year, yay! COVID-19 levels are going… Continue reading 2024-01-19 BC

2023-02-17 BC tiny

Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet, using MetroVan data: Not better, not worse. :-/ Other Upper Respiratory Infections I said I wasn’t going to post about upper respiratory infections any more, but the levels aren’t continuing to go down as fast as I expected. Anecdata: Children’s Hospital’s wait times have gone back up. When I looked this… Continue reading 2023-02-17 BC tiny

2023-01-06 BC small

Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet, with data from MetroVan through 2 Jan: There’s so much noise, it’s hard to tell if the amount of COVID-19 in the wastewater is going up or going down. Non-COVID Respiratory Illnesses I might not do any more reporting on non-COVID respiratory illnesses. The levels of illness are dropping pretty fast,… Continue reading 2023-01-06 BC small

2022-12-30 BC tiny

Non-COVID Respiratory Diseases This article reports that BC CDC says that this year’s flu shot is about 50% effective. That sounds bad compared to like the measles vax or the first results for the mRNA vax, but half is still a big fraction! In addition to not updating their COVID-19 statistics (which is why there… Continue reading 2022-12-30 BC tiny

2022-12-23 BC small

Charts The wastewater data has not been updated, and maybe because of snow and holidays, it won’t. Non-COVID Respiratory Diseases I showed the BC CDC flu chart yesterday; here’s the US CDC flu graph for the Pacific Northwest region, also heading downwards: This article says that the various times associated with different diseases is as… Continue reading 2022-12-23 BC small

week ending 2022-12-22 BC

Health Care System This article says that 99.9% of people in BC who had surgeries rescheduled have now had them. Mitigation Measures This article reported that an appeals court said that yeah, prohibiting in-person church services was reasonable given the pandemic. Statistics As of today, the BC CDC weekly report said that in the week ending on… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-22 BC

week ending 2022-12-02 BC

This is a day late because the province didn’t have numbers ready yesterday. Response Today, the province released the COVID-19 Lessons Learned Review. I have not reviewed it yet. Mitigation Measures The province announced that they are going to make it easier for foreign-trained doctors to work in BC. Transmission This article says there is… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-02 BC