2022-05-27 BC tiny

Testing Here’s this week’s wastewater charts, from my buddy Jeff’s spreadsheet: Fraser is now clearly going down. Vancouver might be going up, but that might just be noise. North Shore, Richmond, and Langley are looking stable. Note that while the levels are declining, they still aren’t good. They are still two or three times what… Continue reading 2022-05-27 BC tiny

2022-05-20 BC tiny

The federal vaccination by age over time chart is now getting updated every other week, so you only get the wastewater chart. Why do I make a post that is so small? Because wastewater data — noisy as it is — is one of the most meaningful data sources which we have. The case data… Continue reading 2022-05-20 BC tiny

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2022-05-13 BC tiny

I present to you the Friday charts. Charts From my buddy Jeff’s wastewater spreadsheet: From the federal vaccination page (they are updating every two weeks now):

Week ending 2022-04-14 BC

Testing From today’s BC COVID-19 Situation Report, wastewater COVID-19 levels are going up: Vaccines The BC CDC dashboard says that Novavax vaccines have arrived! The province is being lazy and using the J&J slot to now mean “J&J and Novavax”, but I think that the J&J never got distributed. The dashboard says that 93 of… Continue reading Week ending 2022-04-14 BC

2022-04-02/03/04 BC

Transmission This article reports that 9 of 11 cruise ships which were supposed to go to Victoria have already cancelled, probably because of COVID-19 cases. Government This article reports that Premier Horgan has COVID-19. Testing This article has things slightly garbled, I think. It says that it’s no longer required to report the results of… Continue reading 2022-04-02/03/04 BC

2022-03-20/21 BC

Testing The province declared that people over 30 can now pick up one free rapid test kit (5 tests) at pharmacies. (You can get another kit in four weeks.) Statistics Fri/Sat: +200 casesSat/Sun: +170 casesSun/Mon: +​​136 cases Over the weekend, ~+2 deaths/day, roughly +278 first doses, +2,506 second doses, +2,724 other doses. Currently 271 in… Continue reading 2022-03-20/21 BC

2022-03-07 BC

Testing This Ministry of Health press release says that people over 60 can now pick up one box of five rapid tests each at local pharmacies. (For reference, the over-seventies were able to pick up starting on 23 February 2022.) Statistics Fri/Sat: +385 casesSat/Sun: +327 casesSun/Mon: +285 cases Note that the case counts reported today… Continue reading 2022-03-07 BC