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Testing Here’s this week’s wastewater charts, from my buddy Jeff’s spreadsheet: Fraser is now clearly going down. Vancouver might be going up, but that might just be noise. North Shore, Richmond, and Langley are looking stable. Note that while the levels are declining, they still aren’t good. They are still two or three times what… Continue reading 2022-05-27 BC tiny

week ending 2022-05-26 BC

Statistics Reminder: people over 70 and clinically extremely vulnerable people are overrepresented in cases (because those are the ones who are allowed to get PCR tests), and hospitalizations/deaths (because they are most vulnerable). They are also the exact demographic which has been getting boosters, so it is possible that that cohort is doing better now… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-26 BC

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The federal vaccination by age over time chart is now getting updated every other week, so you only get the wastewater chart. Why do I make a post that is so small? Because wastewater data — noisy as it is — is one of the most meaningful data sources which we have. The case data… Continue reading 2022-05-20 BC tiny

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week ending 2022-05-19 BC

I want to make a cautionary note about the stats. For about six weeks now, the over-70s and clinically extremely vulnerable have been eligible for second boosters. Note that those are also the only group which is eligible to get walk-in PCR tests, so the only ones (aside from hospital admits) who show up in… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-19 BC

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Testing This paper found that dogs could be trained to recognize COVID-19 patients by smelling skin swabs with an accuracy of over 90%. This report says that: The percentage of all Canadian blood donors who have been infected with COVID-19 was about 28.7%, with 44.3% among the 17-24-year-olds. 99.57% of Canadian donors had evidence of… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-19 General

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I present to you the Friday charts. Charts From my buddy Jeff’s wastewater spreadsheet: From the federal vaccination page (they are updating every two weeks now):

week ending 2022-05-12 BC

Press Briefing There was a press briefing on Tuesday, which didn’t actually say much. The major announcement (which was echoed in this press release) was that they have finished getting data from 17 of the 18 Colleges of regulated health care professionals about their vax statuses. Aggregated by College: physicians and surgeons: 98.0% dieticians: 98%… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-12 BC

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Long COVID This report from the UK found that double-vaxxed people were almost 50% less likely to get Long COVID after Omicron than after Delta, but triple-vaxxed people were slightly more likely to get Long COVID after Omicron than after Delta. A different UK governmental report found that 2.8% of the entire UK population self-reports… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-12 General