week ending 2022-12-02 BC

This is a day late because the province didn’t have numbers ready yesterday. Response Today, the province released the COVID-19 Lessons Learned Review. I have not reviewed it yet. Mitigation Measures The province announced that they are going to make it easier for foreign-trained doctors to work in BC. Transmission This article says there is… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-02 BC

week ending 2022-10-06 BC

Modelling The BC COVID-19 Modelling Group has released another report. They say that BC is undercounting COVID-19 deaths: They say that, based on serology data, the province is undercounting cases by about a factor of 100x (this is consistent with a report that some UBC scholars including Dr. Henry) published. I am as convinced in… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-06 BC

week ending 2022-09-15 BC

Transmission This article (referring to this preprint) says that 70-80% of Lower Mainland kids, 60-70% of adults 20-59, and 40% of the over-60s have had COVID-19 infections. The report also mentioned that the province under-reported case counts by 92x (which is very very close to what the BC COVID-19 Modelling group estimated in its last… Continue reading week ending 2022-09-15 BC

week ending 2022-09-01 BC

Vaccines This article reports that the province expects most residents will start getting the BA.1 boosters starting in October. Note that the wording was “most residents”. There is a small amount of this vax which is going to show up in-country tomorrow, and if it is distributed proportionate to population, BC should get about 100K… Continue reading week ending 2022-09-01 BC

week ending 2022-08-04 BC

Unexpected Consequences This article reports that bike riders hospitalized because of accidents went up ~25% in the first year of the pandemic, despite all-hospitalizations-from-accidents going down slightly and car traffic decreasing by 25%. (Bicycle traffic increased by 48%, so some of the increase in accidents could certainly be from more bikes on the road as… Continue reading week ending 2022-08-04 BC

week ending 2022-06-23 BC

Mitigation Measures This article reports that Prince George is suing its insurer, who is denying claims for losses stemming from losses due to closures for COVID-19. This article reports that Minister Dix says there are no plans to lift vax mandates for public servants and health-care workers. This article reports that the province says that… Continue reading week ending 2022-06-23 BC

2022-05-27 BC tiny

Testing Here’s this week’s wastewater charts, from my buddy Jeff’s spreadsheet: Fraser is now clearly going down. Vancouver might be going up, but that might just be noise. North Shore, Richmond, and Langley are looking stable. Note that while the levels are declining, they still aren’t good. They are still two or three times what… Continue reading 2022-05-27 BC tiny

2022-05-13 BC tiny

I present to you the Friday charts. Charts From my buddy Jeff’s wastewater spreadsheet: From the federal vaccination page (they are updating every two weeks now):