2024-04-12 BC

Well, after some nice drops in COVID-19 levels recently, it looks like we’ve gone back up — which is probably noise. But it looks stagnant at best. 🙁 Mitigation Measures This BC Ministry of Health press release says that masks are no longer required in health care settings. A lot of places weren’t masking or… Continue reading 2024-04-12 BC

2023-11-25 BC

Most indicators keep going down, which is good! We are now at almost the same level of hospitalizations as we were right before Omicron hit. Wastewater levels might be going up in Vancouver, but that might also just be noise. Mitigation Measures This article says that the province is taking some heat for telling people… Continue reading 2023-11-25 BC

2023-10-03 BC

Transmission It seems like almost all public health doctors talk about COVID-19 as being part of “respiratory season”, and that cases go up “as we congregate indoors”. Some people talk about cases going up when school is in session. But looking at the historical data for BC, I see no evidence for that. I have… Continue reading 2023-10-03 BC

2023-05-30 BC

Local Industry This article says that AbCellera — which made Bamlanivimab and Bebtelovimab, two of the anti-COVID monoclonal antibodies — is doubling the size of its planned expansion in Vancouver, thanks in part to federal and provincial subsidies. This article says that BC Ferries says that it is working hard to hire more crew (including… Continue reading 2023-05-30 BC

2023-05-04 BC

Statistics Wait, what??? There’s a note on the respiratory diseases page saying, “The final update of the respiratory season was on May 4. Respiratory updates will resume in the fall. COVID-19 reporting will continue through the summer.” I thought they were going to move updates to once per month, not stop them completely. ARG! And… Continue reading 2023-05-04 BC

2023-04-06 BC

Mitigation Measures This article reports that the province has lifted several mitigation measures: Dr. Henry did say that some mitigation measures might return in the fall. Yeah, good luck with putting that cat back in that bag. Somehow I missed it, but this article from 21 March 2023 says that the Vancouver City Council made… Continue reading 2023-04-06 BC

week ending 2022-12-22 BC

Health Care System This article says that 99.9% of people in BC who had surgeries rescheduled have now had them. Mitigation Measures This article reported that an appeals court said that yeah, prohibiting in-person church services was reasonable given the pandemic. Statistics As of today, the BC CDC weekly report said that in the week ending on… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-22 BC

week ending 2022-12-02 BC

This is a day late because the province didn’t have numbers ready yesterday. Response Today, the province released the COVID-19 Lessons Learned Review. I have not reviewed it yet. Mitigation Measures The province announced that they are going to make it easier for foreign-trained doctors to work in BC. Transmission This article says there is… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-02 BC