2023-04-07 BC small

Wastewater In yesterday’s BC post, I mentioned that the wastewater data didn’t match last week’s. At yesterday’s press conference (see below, which I missed because I didn’t know it was happening, then it took a while to find good video footage of it), the province said they have re-tested all of their historical samples of… Continue reading 2023-04-07 BC small

2023-03-10 BC

I was going to watch today’s press conference delayed, so I could watch at double-speed, but the video still hasn’t posted…. so you’re going to get information (see Vaccines, below) third-hand instead of second-hand. Mitigation Measures This article says that provincial civil servants no longer need to be vaccinated (except for health care workers). You… Continue reading 2023-03-10 BC

week ending 2022-09-29 BC

Statistics This week’s BC CDC weekly report said that in the week ending on 24 September August there were: +635 cases, +150 hospital admissions, +30 ICU admissions, +16 all-cause deaths. This week’s report said that the previous week (data through 17 September) there were: +636 cases, +203 hospital admissions, +29 ICU admissions, +31 all-cause deaths. Last week’s… Continue reading week ending 2022-09-29 BC

2022-07-08 BC

Press Briefing Today’s briefing featured Health Minister Adrian Dix, Dr. Penny Ballum (who is in charge of the vaccination program), and Dr. Martin Lavoie, (B.C.’s acting provincial health officer). I’m not going to summarize it in as much detail as I have given in the past: the main thrust was pretty low-information-content and the Q&A… Continue reading 2022-07-08 BC

week ending 2022-05-12 BC

Press Briefing There was a press briefing on Tuesday, which didn’t actually say much. The major announcement (which was echoed in this press release) was that they have finished getting data from 17 of the 18 Colleges of regulated health care professionals about their vax statuses. Aggregated by College: physicians and surgeons: 98.0% dieticians: 98%… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-12 BC

2022-03-11 BC

Note: I am going to reduce how often I post. I already don’t post on weekends; I plan to drop to Mondays and Fridays and maybe Wednesdays. Mitigation Measures Yesterday I said I didn’t know if businesses could still make masks mandatory, This press release from the province says yes, they can still require customers… Continue reading 2022-03-11 BC

2022-03-10 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that TransLink and BC Ferries will be dropping their mask mandates. Press Conference Uh, I ended up being to busy today to summarize. I’ll do that tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s an article which does a brief summary. The highlights are: By the time you read this, the province will… Continue reading 2022-03-10 BC