2021-06-30 BC

Vaccination Clinics All vax clinics in BC now welcome drop-ins for first doses. Statistics Today: +44 cases, +0 deaths (second day in a row, yay!), +8,079 first doses, +53,042 second doses (of which 1283 were AZ). Currently 108 in hospital / 34 in ICU, 816 active cases, 145,032 recovered. first doses second doses of adults… Continue reading 2021-06-30 BC

2021-06-30 General

Vaccines/Innoculation This paper poses an interesting idea: maybe masks and distancing help not just in preventing spread but also from lowering the number of virus that one is exposed to to a level where people got micro-innoculations from sick people! They base it on the observation that many countries in Europe had increased cases without… Continue reading 2021-06-30 General

2021-06-29 BC

Note: It was hot again today, so today’s postings are going to be short. I’ll try to catch up in the next few days. Mitigation Measures/Press Briefing The headline today, the major, blinking, 72-point font headline is that BC has moved to Step 3 of the Restart Plan, which takes away most of the restrictions… Continue reading 2021-06-29 BC

2021-06-29 General

Note: It was hot again today, so today’s postings are going to be short. I’ll try to catch up in the next few days Deaths This report suggests that COVID-19 deaths in Canada were wickedly undercounted. NB: I haven’t had time to do a deep dive into it yet, but I would like to. So… Continue reading 2021-06-29 General

2021-06-26/27/28 General

It has been aggressively hot for the past few days, such that I have not wanted to have a hot laptop on my lap. Updates are going to be a bit behind for a few more days. Origins This Twitter thread (from 17 May) is interesting. It from someone who describes the changes from bat… Continue reading 2021-06-26/27/28 General

2021-06-25 BC

Vaccinations Here’s Justin McElroy’s weekly vax (first dose) by age charts. As always, the women are getting vaxxed more than the men. I was busy with stuff yesterday so didn’t describe my visit to the West End Community Center, escorting my favorite spouse. Observations, in no particular order: There was no waiting at all. It… Continue reading 2021-06-25 BC

2021-06-25 General

Vaccines Apparently there’s some people being concerned about mRNA vaccine ending up in the ovaries. This Twitter thread takes that idea down. Tl;dr: the lipid envelopes which contain the mRNA migrate around, and a small amount ends up in the ovaries (as it does to lots of organs, most notably the liver), but such a… Continue reading 2021-06-25 General

2021-06-24 General

Vaccines This Research Letter says that vaccines do not decrease sperm production. There was actually an increase in sperm production, but that might be due to increased abstinence time before the second sample collection. This preprint from India says that the Delta strain is more resistant to antibodies in vitro, transmit from health care worker… Continue reading 2021-06-24 General

2021-06-24 BC

Variants Yesterday, I mentioned that BC is having a much less difficult time with Delta than the UK is. Partly it’s that we caught it earlier (so that our pub health teams are succeeding in quashing it), partly it’s because we’re more thoroughly vaxxed. One thing I didn’t mention yesterday is that Pfizer’s effectiveness is… Continue reading 2021-06-24 BC