2024-01-27 General

Last week, when I was working on this post, I accidentally edited the previous week’s post. I think that I have untangled the two posts properly, I do not guarantee that I got everything from this week properly moved from last week to this week. Treatments I have been wondering if Paxlovid is pronounced with… Continue reading 2024-01-27 General

2024-01-26 BC

I was just about to publish both General and BC, and… all the work I had done for the past week on the General post has just… vanished. I’ve filed a ticket with my ISP to see if they were doing something funky with my WordPress database, but I might have to recreate the entire… Continue reading 2024-01-26 BC

2024-01-19 BC

Cases are rising but the number in hospital is falling. Two wastewater plants showed a dive so deep that it’s hard to believe, so…. your guess is as good as mine. Respiratory Diseases It definitely looks like BC respiratory illnesses have peaked, and at a lower level than last year, yay! COVID-19 levels are going… Continue reading 2024-01-19 BC

2024-01-12 BC

The province says they are having a technical issue so the Situation Report won’t be updated this week. Someone suggested that maybe the car that takes the data over didn’t have winter tires. :-/ (That’s a joke.) Hospitals This article reports that there are 10,435 people in BC hospitals right now — more patients in… Continue reading 2024-01-12 BC

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2024-01-12 General

In my little corner of the COVID-cautious world, there’s a real sense of bafflement as to why the whole world stopped caring. There’s a faction which is very bitter and angry at the government for deliberately misleading people in order to get us to be good little automatons and go back to economy-boosting (i.e. stock… Continue reading 2024-01-12 General

2024-01-05 BC

There was no update from the province last week, so there was no blog post last week. Most other places are engulfed by COVID-19, but in BC it’s much more mellow — right now. Most stats here are up, but only slightly. If you are planning a trip Back East or to the USA, make… Continue reading 2024-01-05 BC