2021-11-30 BC

Press Briefing There was a lot today. Variants The province has a robust whole-genome sequencing (WGS) program. For a while, they were doing WGS on every single case. When the case counts went up, they decreased, but they still do every single case for one week for month, and samples in the other weeks. They… Continue reading 2021-11-30 BC

2021-11-30 General

Mitigation Measures This article describes tightened border controls in Canada in response to the threat of Omicron: Nigeria, Malawi and Egypt have been added to the list of restricted countries (South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini were already on the list). Those who have been to any of their home countries in… Continue reading 2021-11-30 General

2021-11-29 BC

Vaccines This article reports on the first day of kidlet vaccination. Statistics Fri/Sat: +389 casesSat/Sun: +309 casesSun/Mon: +272 cases+11 deaths over the weekend. Currently 303 in hospital / 115 in ICU, 2,882 active cases, 212,704 people who tested positive have recovered. first doses second doses of adults 91.5% 88.3% of over-12s 91.1% 87.8% of all… Continue reading 2021-11-29 BC

2021-11-27/28/29 General

Variants The news has been almost “all Omicron all the time”, crowding out almost all other COVID-19 stories. (Spoiler: the answer is “they don’t know yet”.) Omicron has been found in lots of countries now, including Canada, Israel, Netherland, Australia, and 12 other countries. This article quotes a South African doctor as saying that the… Continue reading 2021-11-27/28/29 General

2021-11-26 BC

Assholes/Mitigation Measures This article says that the asshole who got busted for running an underground nightclub in his condo got sent to jail for 29 days and fined $10K. The province is also trying to take his condo under civil asset forfeiture. Statistics +341 cases, +6 deaths. Currently 291 in hosptial / 115 in ICU,… Continue reading 2021-11-26 BC

2021-11-25 BC

Data This article reports that the province has finally released counts of patients infected in hospitals: 1619, 274 of which later died. (For comparison, there have been 12,214 total hospitalizations to date.) Mitigation Measures This article reports that the restrictions on gatherings in Northern Health have been extended indefinitely. This article reported that the province… Continue reading 2021-11-25 BC

2021-11-25 General

Variants Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Remember how yesterday I wrote this totally depressing analysis of how hard it was going to be to vaccinate our way out of this mess with our current vaccines? It just got harder. There’s a new variant under investigation — B.1.1.529 — with thirty fucking two mutations. People who I follow and respect… Continue reading 2021-11-25 General

2021-11-24 BC

Statistics +322 cases, +1 death.  The vaccine numbers still don’t make sense, so no total vaccinated numbers or vax charts today.  Currently 318 people in hospital / 109 in ICU, 3,015 active cases, 210,828 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 91.4% 88.0% of over-12s 91.0% 87.4% of all BCers ?% ?% Charts

2021-11-24 General

I spent a lot of time on my “when will it end” section, immediately below, so I ignored almost all other news. I’ll catch up tomorrow. Mitigation Measures/Vaccines/Opinion/Analysis Everybody wants to know when the pandemic will end — when we can stop masking in grocery stores, when we can go to the Whatsit Expo without… Continue reading 2021-11-24 General