2023-01-05 BC

Pub Health Advice This tweet thread says that the BC CDC web site changed from masking being a personal choice, to “Public health recommends wearing masks in all public indoor spaces”, back to personal choice, all in the space of not very much time. Hmmm. Sounds like there is some internal politics going on there.… Continue reading 2023-01-05 BC

week ending 2022-12-02 BC

This is a day late because the province didn’t have numbers ready yesterday. Response Today, the province released the COVID-19 Lessons Learned Review. I have not reviewed it yet. Mitigation Measures The province announced that they are going to make it easier for foreign-trained doctors to work in BC. Transmission This article says there is… Continue reading week ending 2022-12-02 BC

2021-11-30 BC

Press Briefing There was a lot today. Variants The province has a robust whole-genome sequencing (WGS) program. For a while, they were doing WGS on every single case. When the case counts went up, they decreased, but they still do every single case for one week for month, and samples in the other weeks. They… Continue reading 2021-11-30 BC

2021-08-20 BC

Press Briefing The biggest news from today’s snap press briefing was that Interior Health has announced a new set of health-authority-wide restrictions to combat the rising case counts there. This supplements the previous orders which were only for the Central Okanagan. Also, everybody is asked to avoid non-essential travel into the Interior. The next biggest… Continue reading 2021-08-20 BC

2021-08-06 BC

Press Briefing The briefing focused on mitigation measures for the Central Okanagan, where 60% of the province’s cases are. I want to know what we’re doing about the OTHER 40%, but I guess I have to wait. Of course, everybody emphasized that everybody needs to get vaccinated. DrH said that this is driven mostly by… Continue reading 2021-08-06 BC

2021-07-29 BC

Hello, fourth wave. 😞 Vaccinations From the Weekly Data Summary, information about cases/hospitalizations/deaths by age between 15 June and 15 July: Between 15 June and 15 July, nobody under 80 who had been double-vaxxed died; nobody under 60 who had been double-vaxxed got hospitalized. Partly that’s because there were not many cases, but partly because… Continue reading 2021-07-29 BC

2021-07-14 BC

Variants I and a friend have been puzzling together about the drop in VOC cases in BC. One possibility is that COVID Classic is increasing its market share, which seems unlikely. A more likely explanation is that Variants of Interest are circulating but they have not yet been declared Variants of Concern. An obvious suspect… Continue reading 2021-07-14 BC