2021-06-25 BC

Vaccinations Here’s Justin McElroy’s weekly vax (first dose) by age charts. As always, the women are getting vaxxed more than the men. I was busy with stuff yesterday so didn’t describe my visit to the West End Community Center, escorting my favorite spouse. Observations, in no particular order: There was no waiting at all. It… Continue reading 2021-06-25 BC

2021-06-11 BC

Supply The 37,500 doses of Johnson & Johnson vax that we have will probably have to be fucking scrapped; see today’s General post. Vaccinations Vaccinations are still progressing nicely in all age groups: Variants The Delta strain is nasty, as this tweet thread discusses: 64% more transmissible and 2x hospitalization risk. Statistics Today: +180 cases,… Continue reading 2021-06-11 BC

2021-06-09 BC

Supply Moderna says that they will deliver 7M doses to Canada in June, which means 900K to BC, starting next week. Given that there are three weeks left in June, that would be 300K/week. I’ll believe it when I see it. Vaccines VCH has responded to claims that vaccines will magnetize you. Statistics Today: +148… Continue reading 2021-06-09 BC

2021-05-13 BC

Testing A pilot project at UBC where they used rapid testing in the dorms found several clusters, and was deemed a success. Some are asking why we are not doing more rapid testing. Opinion: I worry because we have seen over and over again that people treat a negative rapid test as license to drop… Continue reading 2021-05-13 BC

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2021-04-16 BC

Supply Bad news, good news, and awesome news. Bad news: Moderna fell down on supply again, telling us that they will only ship half as much next week as they promised, so shorting BC by 78 kilodoses. (We are still waiting on a shipment of 106K this week, we’ll see if it comes through.) Good… Continue reading 2021-04-16 BC