2022-02-28 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: +398 casesSat/Sun: +297 casesSun/Mon: +279 cases Over weekend, ~7 deaths/day.Currently 549 in hospital / 85 in ICU. first doses second doses third doses of adults 93.6% 91.1% 57.7% of over-12s 93.3% 90.7% 55.7% of over-5s 90.6% 86.3% * of all BCians 89.7% 85.4% 51.6% Charts From this Twitter thread: From the BC CDC… Continue reading 2022-02-28 BC

2022-02-26/27/28 General

Transmission This preprint looked at COVID-19 in some white-tailed deer killed by hunters in Ontario. It found COVID-19 in ~6% of the deer, and the whole-genome sequencing found that the viruses have mutated a lot. (“Highly divergent” was the language in the preprint.) Furthermore, they found one human from the same geographic area with known… Continue reading 2022-02-26/27/28 General

2022-02-25 BC

Statistics +583 cases, +12 deaths, +690 first doses, +2,852 second doses, +6,726 other doses. Currently 599 in hospital / 96 in ICU. first doses second doses third doses of adults 93.6% 91.1% 57.4% of over-12s 93.2% 90.7% 55.3% of over-5s 90.6% 86.1% * of all BCians 89.7% 85.2% 51.3% Charts It’s Friday, so here are… Continue reading 2022-02-25 BC

2022-02-25 General

Pathology This article suggests that the reason that COVID-19 hits old people so much harder than young people is that old people have more antibodies to important pieces of their own innate immune system, particularly interferons. (In other words, they attack critical pieces of their own immune system.) They found that the proportion of people… Continue reading 2022-02-25 General

2022-02-24 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that almost 3000 tickets have been issued in BC for violations of COVID-19 Orders. A lot have been paid, but a lot have been challenged. Almost 400 have been dropped, and slightly more than 400 are still in dispute. Statistics A note about the daily case counts: the press releases… Continue reading 2022-02-24 BC

2022-02-24 General

Vaccines This article reports that Health Canada approved Medicago’s Covifenz, a plant-derived protein subunit vaccine. In trials, Covifenz had 71% effectiveness against Delta infection, and 100% effective against hospitalization. According to their product monograph, it is fridge-stable, but needs to be handled gently. Medicago’s vax is a virus-like particle, what I generally call a “spikey… Continue reading 2022-02-24 General

2022-02-23 BC

Mitigation Measures This article reports that the The College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. has disciplined a doctor for spreading disinfo and veterinary-grade ivermectin. Press Briefing The video is here. Dr.H said: Canada expects to get Novavax within a week to ten days. She pointed out that there were zero fetal cells used in… Continue reading 2022-02-23 BC