2022-02-24 BC

Mitigation Measures

This article says that almost 3000 tickets have been issued in BC for violations of COVID-19 Orders. A lot have been paid, but a lot have been challenged. Almost 400 have been dropped, and slightly more than 400 are still in dispute.


A note about the daily case counts: the press releases frequently have a note that the data is “provisional”, but they never say what changed. Sometimes the total for a day doesn’t match the previous day plus the reported cases. In those cases, I usually just quietly go add and subtract something to the previous day to make all line up and carry on. Lately, however, the differences between the totals and the daily numbers has been waaaay off, and inconsistent day to day (with a big positive number one day and a big negative number the next day), to the point where I am considering throwing up my hands and not making case charts any more.

The province’s data collection and reporting has really been awful during the pandemic. Sometimes I wonder how they can get anything done with how messed up the data collection and reporting is. Part of me wants to knock on the province’s metaphorical door and say, “uh, excuse me? I have done a lot of data management, give me access and I will JUST FIX IT!”

I believe that the deaths and hospitalization numbers are more correct than the case numbers. The case numbers have always been an undercount, we knew that, but I was hoping that the numbers since the change in PCR testing criteria were at least self-consistent. Now I am not sure.

Ahem. Here are some numbers, I don’t have any idea how accurate they are.

+597 cases, +9 deaths, +612 first doses, +2,587 second doses +6,394 other doses.

Currently 612 in hospital / 102 in ICU.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults93.6%91.1%57.2%
of over-12s93.2%90.7%55.1%
of over-5s90.6%86.0%*
of all BCians89.7%85.2%51.1%


From the province’s dashboard:

From this tweet:


From this tweet: