Vaccine Milestones / Statuses


See also the WHO’s timeline for the pandemic.

I estimated the approval dates in the section above based on the Pfizer and Moderna timelines or I found an official giving an estimate:

(NB: I include the US’ FDA approval times in part because times are similar to the Canadian approval times.) It took ~4.5 months for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and 5 months for Moderna from start to finish of the trial.  Note that is really fast for a clinical trial, and was possible only because there were so many cases of COVID-19.  (The faster people get sick, the faster you can see a difference between the control group and the vaccine group.)  Subsequent trials might actually be faster because there is even more transmission.

See also the New York Times’ vaccine tracker for good information on all the vaccines which have gotten at least to Phase 1 human trials.

Hilda Bastain has a very in-depth look at all the vaccine trial results.