2023-01-30 BC tiny

Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet, using Metro Vancouver data: Vancouver and Richmond are definitely on downward trends. The others are less clear, but it looks like generally going down.

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2023-01-26 BC

The statistics show really good news! While I wouldn’t say that the situation is good right now, it is better than it has been in a long time. (Assuming that the province hasn’t f’ed with the data.) Entertainment A friend alerted me that Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre has amazing ventilation. This pre-pandemic article and this post-pandemic… Continue reading 2023-01-26 BC

2023-01-20 BC tiny

Wastewater Jeff’s spreadsheet of Metro Van COVID-19 levels in wastewater shows stable or falling slightly COVID-19 levels for all areas except for North Shore, which historically has been low and variable.

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2023-01-19 BC

Statistics As of today,┬áthe BC CDC weekly report┬ásaid that in the week ending on 14 Jan there were: +560 confirmed cases, +142 hospital admissions, +24 ICU admissions, +27 all-cause deaths. As of today, the weekly report said that the previous week (data through 7 Jan) there were: +661 confirmed cases, +195 hospital admissions, +37 ICU… Continue reading 2023-01-19 BC

2023-01-13 BC small

Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet: Jeff also just made individual charts, with nine-day rolling averages. (Why nine-day? It worked better.) From those charts, you can see that there was a definite rising trend for a while in Vancouver and the north shore, but levels now falling. He suspects that we’re seeing the end of a post-holiday… Continue reading 2023-01-13 BC small

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2023-01-12 BC

Provincial Guidance Last week I said that the public health guidance on masks changed briefly, then changed back. This article says that was a mistake, that an old stale version accidentally got pushed. (Sounds like they need a better publishing workflow.) Hospitals This article says that Pub Health was going to open twenty surge centres… Continue reading 2023-01-12 BC

2023-01-06 BC small

Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet, with data from MetroVan through 2 Jan: There’s so much noise, it’s hard to tell if the amount of COVID-19 in the wastewater is going up or going down. Non-COVID Respiratory Illnesses I might not do any more reporting on non-COVID respiratory illnesses. The levels of illness are dropping pretty fast,… Continue reading 2023-01-06 BC small