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From Jeff’s spreadsheet:

Jeff also just made individual charts, with nine-day rolling averages. (Why nine-day? It worked better.) From those charts, you can see that there was a definite rising trend for a while in Vancouver and the north shore, but levels now falling. He suspects that we’re seeing the end of a post-holiday spike.

Non-COVID Respiratory Diseases

It looks to me like the non-COVID respiratory diseases have peaked. This will probably be the last time I report on non-COVID respiratory diseases again in this blog unless something dramatic happens.

From BC CDC Pathogens Characterization with data through 7 Jan, adult non-COVID respiratory illness cases are continuing to fall nicely:

For Vancouver-Richmond-North Shore kids, everything sure looks like it has peaked.

Respiratory illnesses are definitely on their way down in the US Pacific Northwest. From the US CDC’s FluView Interactive:

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