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Secondary Effects This article reports that the pandemic has altered how people use electricity. The peak morning use has shifted later (probably because people who no longer have to travel to their workplace can get up earlier), they shower less, and the stream video way more. This article says that a lot of women didn’t… Continue reading 2023-03-18 BC small

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2023-03-16 BC

Assholes This article says that a guy who harassed three local journalists (who focused on COVID-19) via email about COVID-19 was convicted of criminal harassment. (I didn’t know that convictions ever happened for this type of harassment!) It also points to this study of mental health in media workers, which says things got worse during… Continue reading 2023-03-16 BC

2023-03-10 BC

I was going to watch today’s press conference delayed, so I could watch at double-speed, but the video still hasn’t posted…. so you’re going to get information (see Vaccines, below) third-hand instead of second-hand. Mitigation Measures This article says that provincial civil servants no longer need to be vaccinated (except for health care workers). You… Continue reading 2023-03-10 BC

2023-03-09 BC

Statistics As of today, the BC CDC weekly report said that in the week ending on 4 March there were: +347 reported cases, +79 hospital admissions, +17 ICU admissions, +19 thirty-day all-cause deaths*. As of today, the weekly report said that the previous week (data through 25 Feb) there were: +404 reported cases, +123 hospital admissions, +24… Continue reading 2023-03-09 BC

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Ooops! I forgot to push the “Publish” button until 8 March. Oooops. Wastewater Holy F! Here are the charts from Jeff’s spreadsheet, using data from Metro Vancouver through 27 Feb:

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2023-02-24 BC tiny

Wastewater Yes, yes, I posted the province’s wastewater charts yesterday, but I like Jeff’s spreadsheet‘s charts better, so here they are: It’s hard to tell because the data is so noisy, but maybe Vancouver and Fraser are trending up? They aren’t going down, for sure.

2023-02-23 BC

Restaurants This article says that the City of Burnaby granted two bars (Dageraad Brewing and Studio Brewing) licenses for permanent patios. Attitudes This survey says that 64% of British Columbians don’t want a return to COVID-19 mandates and 18% would like stricter health measures, though 23% (28% of the over-55s) would like to see vax… Continue reading 2023-02-23 BC

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Wastewater From Jeff’s spreadsheet, using MetroVan data: Not better, not worse. :-/ Other Upper Respiratory Infections I said I wasn’t going to post about upper respiratory infections any more, but the levels aren’t continuing to go down as fast as I expected. Anecdata: Children’s Hospital’s wait times have gone back up. When I looked this… Continue reading 2023-02-17 BC tiny

2023-02-16 BC

Health Care System This article says that BC is shutting down its four in-person Long COVID clinics and moving exclusively to telehealth. I actually think that’s a good idea — it’s hard to get yourself to a clinic, especially if the clinic is in a part of the province you don’t live in. (Three of… Continue reading 2023-02-16 BC