2024-03-01 BC

I don’t have an easy summary. It feels like most metrics are trending down slowly over the longer term, but this week looks like maybe it’s going up? But maybe that’s noise? The biggest scary thing is what sure looks like a wastewater rise in Fraser Health. 🙁 Other Infections From the BC CDC’s Pathogen… Continue reading 2024-03-01 BC

2024-02-24 BC

COVID-19 levels in BC are flat or maaaaaaybe dropping a little. Government DoNoHarm BC is an anti-COVID advocacy organization in BC, and probably worth joining (or at least paying attention to) if you want better anti-COVID measures. The BC budget just came out, and this report analyzes how anti-COVID measures fared in the budget. Direct… Continue reading 2024-02-24 BC

2024-02-16 BC

COVID-19 levels look like they aren’t getting worse — but they also look like they aren’t getting any better. I’ll spare you the graphs for other respiratory diseases, but overall they are going down slightly. COVID-19 is very steady, and influenza is declining slightly, RSV is declining, and the “other” bucket of respiratory diseases is… Continue reading 2024-02-16 BC

2024-02-09 BC

Everything looks stable, or perhaps “becalmed” is a better word. Unchanging. Static. Not getting worse fast, not getting better fast. (Keep your mask on!) Other Respiratory Illness There was slight downtick in respiratory illnesses, both in BC and in the US. From the BC CDC Viral Pathogen dashboard: From the US CDC’s FluView Dashboard: Statistics… Continue reading 2024-02-09 BC

2024-02-03 BC

This week, the Situation Report warned that the data might be incomplete and might change. This has obviously been true for a long time, but I don’t remember them warning about it so prominently. I don’ t know if the warning means that this week’s report is especially incomplete or not. Other Respiratory Illness There… Continue reading 2024-02-03 BC

2024-01-26 BC

I was just about to publish both General and BC, and… all the work I had done for the past week on the General post has just… vanished. I’ve filed a ticket with my ISP to see if they were doing something funky with my WordPress database, but I might have to recreate the entire… Continue reading 2024-01-26 BC

2024-01-19 BC

Cases are rising but the number in hospital is falling. Two wastewater plants showed a dive so deep that it’s hard to believe, so…. your guess is as good as mine. Respiratory Diseases It definitely looks like BC respiratory illnesses have peaked, and at a lower level than last year, yay! COVID-19 levels are going… Continue reading 2024-01-19 BC

2024-01-12 BC

The province says they are having a technical issue so the Situation Report won’t be updated this week. Someone suggested that maybe the car that takes the data over didn’t have winter tires. :-/ (That’s a joke.) Hospitals This article reports that there are 10,435 people in BC hospitals right now — more patients in… Continue reading 2024-01-12 BC

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2024-01-05 BC

There was no update from the province last week, so there was no blog post last week. Most other places are engulfed by COVID-19, but in BC it’s much more mellow — right now. Most stats here are up, but only slightly. If you are planning a trip Back East or to the USA, make… Continue reading 2024-01-05 BC

2023-12-21 BC

The province will not be releasing data next week, so there will not be a BC posting on this blog next week. Statistics As of 21 Dec, the BC CDC situation report says that in the week ending on 16 Dec there were: +358 reported cases, +93 hospital admissions, +14 ICU admissions, and +19 thirty-day all-cause deaths*.… Continue reading 2023-12-21 BC