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Charts From Jeff’s spreadsheet, using Metro Van data:

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week ending 2022-10-27 BC

Statistics As of today, the BC CDC weekly report said that in the week ending on 22 October there were: +534 confirmed cases, +148 hospital admissions, +26 ICU admissions, +44 all-cause deaths. As of today, the weekly report said that the previous week (data through 15 October September) there were: +627 confirmed cases, +229 hospital admissions, +32 ICU… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-27 BC

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Charts COVID-19 levels in wastewater, from Jeff’s spreadsheet: From the Government of Canada vaccine page, cumulative vaccine uptake by age over time for 1, 2, 3, and 4 doses: No, I don’t know why the cumulative percentage goes down sometimes. I don’t think we have so much immigration of unvaccinated people that it would affect… Continue reading 2022-10-21 BC tiny

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week ending 2022-10-20 BC

Transmission This article says that almost 100 prisoners at Mission Institution federal prison got COVID-19. Vaccines This article reports that the fall vax campaign has been somewhere between glitchy and fucked up. This North Shore News online survey says that 80% of the people polled say that they will get a fall booster: Mitigation Measures… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-20 BC

week ending 2022-10-20 General

Advice A friend of mine in Seattle told me that they’d gotten COVID-19, and asked me what they should do next. What could they do to get better sooner/faster/better? How should she protect their partner? This is the advice I gave: Isolate until you test negative The US CDC says to isolate until five days… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-20 General

week ending 2022-10-13 BC

Influenza (See also today’s General post for more on this year’s influenza season and why I’m talking about flu shots on a COVID-19 blog.) This article says that there are mixed reports about whether you have to wait for an invitation to get an influenza vaccine or not. There is a phone number you can… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-13 BC

week ending 2022-10-13 General

There seem to be an unusually high percentage papers and articles this week which I’m bored with. Things like: Oh look, the pandemic is not over! Huh, boosters actually do work! Yes, vaccines are safe for pregnant women (and COVID-19 is really bad for pregnant women). Myocarditis in young men is a rare, mild side… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-13 General

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Charts From my friend Jeff’s spreadsheet:

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week ending 2022-10-06 BC

Modelling The BC COVID-19 Modelling Group has released another report. They say that BC is undercounting COVID-19 deaths: They say that, based on serology data, the province is undercounting cases by about a factor of 100x (this is consistent with a report that some UBC scholars including Dr. Henry) published. I am as convinced in… Continue reading week ending 2022-10-06 BC