2024-06-19 General

Unsolicited Product Recommendation I realized that I forgot to gush about the Readimasks fully in the last General post. They are a little expensive. HOWEVER, they gave a great seal (though see below) and were EXTREMELY comfortable. I do not have dangerously sensitive skin — I don’t go into anaphylactic shock when I touch latex… Continue reading 2024-06-19 General

2024-06-15 General

COVID-19 The blog has been on hiatus for three weeks and I am feeling overwhelmed. I hope to put out several General postings this week to chip away at the backlog. Personal Story The reason for the hiatus was that I went on vacation to the East Coast of the US for three weeks. This… Continue reading 2024-06-15 General

2024-05-17 General

COVID Long COVID This article from Poland (2024-05-08) reports on a conference presentation which found that people with Long COVID have much lower immunoglobulin gamma antibodies against the nucleocapsid. They theorize that could mean the virus (or viral components) could hang around longer in the body. This paper from Italy (2024-05-07) found that children with… Continue reading 2024-05-17 General

2024-05-04 General

I’m going to split blog postings into COVID-19 sections and H5N1 sections for now. I might someday split them into separate postings. Psychology Many years ago, I heard this George Carlin joke: “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” It… Continue reading 2024-05-04 General

2024-04-19 General

Pathology Why do kids and old people have such different reactions to COVID-19? This paper from UK (2024-04-15) says that kid and adult epithelial cells (which line mucous membranes) are different. In particular, cells in elderly people had more of the receptors which SARS-CoV-2 uses to get into the cells, and kids’ cells generated more… Continue reading 2024-04-19 General

2024-04-12 General

Long COVID This paper from USA (2024-04-06) found that Glutamate and N-acetyl-aspartate levels were significantly higher in people with Long COVID and ME/CFS than in controls. They found no significant differences between people with Long COVID and people with ME/CFS in any of the neurochemicals they looked at. They also found correlations between the amount… Continue reading 2024-04-12 General

2024-04-05 General

Long COVID This paper from Sweden (2024-04-04) found that patients with Long COVID didn’t have a worse time after exercise than controls. This is, on its face, a surprising finding because other studies (like this one) have definitely found that post-exertional malaise (PEM) (i.e. crashing after exertion) is a real thing. I have two observations:… Continue reading 2024-04-05 General

2024-03-29 General

Treatments This article from USA (2024-03-25) says that the FDA has approved Pemgarda, a monocolonal antibody, for use as a pre-exposure preventative for immunocompromised people. It will be used sort of like a vaccine. (Evusheld used to be effective for that, but SARS-CoV-2 mutated enough that Evusheld stopped being effective.) This is big news for… Continue reading 2024-03-29 General