2022-02-21 BC


This article talks about BCians not getting boosters. It says that 69% of those who have gotten an invitation have gotten boosted, but a survey says that 56% of the unboosted are in no hurry to get one. Half of those say they will get one eventually, but are in no rush.

This article says that the province fired health care workers for not getting vaccinated, including 674 in VCH and FH. This might sound like a lot, but the article says it is less than one percent.

Mitigation Measures

This press release from the Ministry of Health extends the Order saying that college/university students in residence have to be vaccinated and keep their masks on in the building (except in their room).


  • Fri/Sat: +631 cases
  • Sat/Sun: +571 cases
  • Sun/Mon: +424 cases
  • Mon/Tues: +477 cases

Over weekend, average of +11 deaths/day, approximately +725 first doses, +3,996 second doses, +11,379 other doses per day. 

Currently 688 in hospital / 108 in ICU.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults93.5%91.1%57.0%
of over-12s93.2%90.6%54.9%
of over-5s90.5%85.9%*
of all BCians89.7%85.1%50.9%


From this Twitter thread: