2021-04-16 BC

Supply Bad news, good news, and awesome news. Bad news: Moderna fell down on supply again, telling us that they will only ship half as much next week as they promised, so shorting BC by 78 kilodoses. (We are still waiting on a shipment of 106K this week, we’ll see if it comes through.) Good… Continue reading 2021-04-16 BC

2021-04-01 BC

Vaccine Clinics My sources tell me that the clinic at the Vancouver Convention Centre has about 20 vaccinators, with about 6 greeters and 6 check-in people. The Province announced that workers must be given time off to take the vaccine. Supply An article about supply says: 300 kilodoses of the vax which Canada withdrew from… Continue reading 2021-04-01 BC

2021-03-30 BC

Vaccinations Today, the province announced that people between 55 and 65 in the Lower Mainland can sign up for AstraZeneca shots tomorrow via their local pharmacies. Unofficial channels say that the province hopes to post a list of the pharmacies tomorrow. There are about 430K people between 55 and 65 in the Lower Mainland; we… Continue reading 2021-03-30 BC

2021-03-25 BC

Press briefing Today’s press briefing was slightly odd, as it did not include the daily stats. (Those came out in written form a few hours later.) Mostly Dr. Henry answered questions which have been coming into her office. This is a very loose rendering of the questions she addressed: Q: Is the increase in young… Continue reading 2021-03-25 BC

2021-03-22 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: +556 cases, +9 deathsSat/Sun: +598 cases, +4 deathsSun/Mon: +631 cases, +3 deaths Over the weekend, +49,386 first doses, +22 second doses, +146 cases identified of B.1.1.7, +0 cases of B.1.351, +20 cases of P.1. Currently 303 in hospital / 80 in ICU, 5290 active cases, 9,330 under active monitoring, 85,746 recovered. The stats… Continue reading 2021-03-22 BC

2021-03-21 BC

Vaccines The province says that these days you should expect get an appointment between 1 and 7 days after your booking. People have wondered to me if we’ll be able to ramp up to vaccinate to keep pace with even the big cohorts . I think so. The back-of-the-envelope calculations I have made say it’s… Continue reading 2021-03-21 BC

2021-03-07 BC

The Canadian allocations page has been updated, and it looks like Moderna is going to deliver 1,660,800 by the end of March, quite a bit shy of the 2M which they were supposed to deliver. (I suppose they could deliver 340K on March 29, 30, or 31, but I’m not holding my breath.) Based on… Continue reading 2021-03-07 BC

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