2021-04-16 BC


Bad news, good news, and awesome news.

Bad news: Moderna fell down on supply again, telling us that they will only ship half as much next week as they promised, so shorting BC by 78 kilodoses. (We are still waiting on a shipment of 106K this week, we’ll see if it comes through.)

Good news: J&J is going to deliver on April 27, with BC’s share being 37K.

Fantastic news: Pfizer is going to ship us (BC) more 139K per week in May and 208K more per week in June than they had promised before. Woot!!!

The same article says that Moderna is going to be 2M short of its 12M commitment to Canada by the end of June. They have already shipped 2M, so that means that in theory they are going to ship another 8M to Canada (1M to BC) in May and June. That would be awesome, but I don’t believe Moderna can pull it off.


Justin McElroy — he of the great data viz — made this chart:

(The top pair of lines are women and men 80+, the next set is 75+, next set 70+, next set all adults.) P.S. McElroy says that this chart is six days out of date.

Here’s a chart from the BC First Nations Health Authority.

Vaccines work!


+1005 cases, +6 deaths, +46,157 first doses, +71 second doses, of which 8925 were AstraZeneca vaccines.

Currently 425 in hospital / 127 in ICU, 10,081 active cases, 15,877 under monitoring, 105,291 recovered.

We have 414,279 doses in the freezer, which will last 9.0 days at today’s rate. We’ve given more doses than we’d gotten by 11 days ago.

We have 291,183 doses of mRNA in the fridge, which will last 7.8 days at today’s rate. We’ve given more mRNA than we’d gotten by 4 days ago.