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The wastewater data has not been updated, and maybe because of snow and holidays, it won’t.

Non-COVID Respiratory Diseases

I showed the BC CDC flu chart yesterday; here’s the US CDC flu graph for the Pacific Northwest region, also heading downwards:

This article says that the various times associated with different diseases is as follows:

DiseaseIncubationContagious until
COVID-193-10d, usually 4-6d10d after symptoms + fever gone
Flu1-4d, avg 27-10d after symptoms
Cold2-5dfever gone
RSV2-8d, usually 4-6dduring illness
Viral Pink Eye1-3dduring illness
Bacterial Pink Eye2-7dantibiotic drops + 1d
Strep1-5d, usually 2-3d10-21d in untreated cases
Norovirus12-50h, usually 24-48hduring illness, 2d after diarrhea stops
Monkeypox5-21duntil all scabs fall off, usually 2-4w
Mumps12-25d, usually 16-18dduring illness
Measles8-12d4d after rash appears

This article has these pretty amazing graphs of COVID-19, RSV, and influenza in the USA compared to previous years:

The article says that RSV is coming down, at least: