2022-11-25 BC small


From Jeff’s spreadsheet, using MetroVan data:


Remember I’ve been saying that respiratory season hadn’t hit hard yet? Well, we’re there now. Flu is almost doubling every week right now. And NOTE! Not everybody who is hospitalized gets tested for respiratory viruses. The most recent word from the province is basically that patients get tested if the doctor feels like it thinks it will make a difference in treatment.

From the BC CDC pathogen characterization page, adult cases (excluding COVID-19):

For pediatric cases in BC overall:

This week, there’s not a Children’s Hospital Lab graph, I don’t know why. For comparision, here’s the week-older Children’s Hospital Lab graph (a repeat from yesterday):

There is a new graph of current [well, 12 days lagged) pediatric cases compared to historical trends (bars are tests, lines are positivity):

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