week ending 2022-11-03 BC

Statistics Reminder that these statistics are wildly inaccurate. First, the province case counts do not include reinfections for some bizarre reason. Second, the case counts are wildly undercounted: two different studies estimated the undercount as being ~90x. Third, hospitalizations are only counted if the person tested positive on a PCR test; rapid tests don’t count.… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-03 BC

week ending 2022-11-03 General

Vaccines This paper from Qatar says that 2 doses of Pfizer doesn’t actually give kids much protection against Omicron infection, and the protection wanes quite quickly. 🙁 In last week’s General blog post, I gave the disappointing news that two papers found that the bivalent vaccines weren’t that much better than the monovalent boosters. There… Continue reading week ending 2022-11-03 General