2022-03-17/18 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that the number of visitors that long term care home residents can have has been increased, but it doesn’t actually say how many visitors residents can have. Statistics Currently 290 in hospital / 46 in ICU. first doses second doses third doses of adults 93.7% 91.4% 58.7% of over-12s 93.4%… Continue reading 2022-03-17/18 BC

2022-03-17/18 General

Mitigation Measures Yep, they did it. On Wednesday I said that the government planned to drop the testing requirement to enter Canada. This article reports that it happened. This article says that as more restrictions are being lifted, a hospital in Montreal reports seeing an increase in “normal” child trauma: broken legs, scrapes, stomach flu,… Continue reading 2022-03-17/18 General

2022-03-15/16 BC

Testing This article says that people over 40 can now pick up RATs at pharmacies. Governance This article says that BC has launched an independent review of its pandemic response. I’m considering writing a nastygram to the commission to diss the data management. Statistics Mon/Tue: +176 cases, +0 deaths, +205 first doses, +1,364 second doses,… Continue reading 2022-03-15/16 BC

2022-03-15/16 General

Mitigation Measures This article says that the federal government is going to drop the COVID-19 test for travellers entering Canada, for both land and air crossings, for fully vaxxed travellers. Rumour has it that the requirement will be dropped on 1 April. Vaccines Remember J&J? The lame-ass one-shot vax that nobody wants? This article says… Continue reading 2022-03-15/16 General

2022-03-14 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: +280 casesSat/Sun: +211 casesSun/Mon: +198 cases Over the weekend, about +5 deaths, about +310 first doses, +2,328 second doses, +3,289 other doses per day. Currently 359 in hospital / 51 in ICU. first doses second doses third doses of adults 93.7% 91.3% 58.5% of over-12s 93.4% 90.9% 56.7% of over-5s 90.7% 86.8% *… Continue reading 2022-03-14 BC

2022-03-11 BC

Note: I am going to reduce how often I post. I already don’t post on weekends; I plan to drop to Mondays and Fridays and maybe Wednesdays. Mitigation Measures Yesterday I said I didn’t know if businesses could still make masks mandatory, This press release from the province says yes, they can still require customers… Continue reading 2022-03-11 BC

2022-03-10 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that TransLink and BC Ferries will be dropping their mask mandates. Press Conference Uh, I ended up being to busy today to summarize. I’ll do that tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s an article which does a brief summary. The highlights are: By the time you read this, the province will… Continue reading 2022-03-10 BC

2022-03-10 General

Mitigation Measures This paper reports on a big study in the US which compared school districts which had mask mandates with those that did not. For every 100 community-acquired cases, districts with universal mask mandates had 7.3 infections, while districts with optionally masks had 26.4. Don’t let anybody tell you that masks don’t work Testing… Continue reading 2022-03-10 General