2022-03-11 General

Note: I am going to reduce how often I post. I already don’t post on weekends; I plan to drop to Mondays and Fridays and maybe Wednesdays.

Today was a light news day. I guess partly people are distracted with Ukraine, partly they are bored with COVID-19?

Mitigation Measures

This article reports that two federal subsidies for the the tourism industry and other pandemic-hit are dropping by a lot this weekend. The Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program (THRP) and the Hardest-Hit Business Recovery Program subsidies will drop in half this weekend.


This tweet links to a spreadsheet with estimates of the number of lives saved by vaccination. Spoiler: 62,720 lives saved in BC and 440,313 in Canada. Bad news: if we don’t get them vaccinated, there are still 3,626 which she estimates will be lost in BC and 23,472 in Canada.

Recommended Reading

This article talks about Long COVID: what we do and don’t know.