2022-03-02 BC

Statistics Today: +442 cases, +10 deaths, +763 first doses, +1,341 second doses, +3,583 other doses. Currently 517 in hospital / 73 in ICU. first doses second doses third doses of adults 93.6% 91.2% 57.8% of over-12s 93.3% 90.7% 55.8% of over-5s 90.6% 86.3% * of all BCians 89.7% 85.5% 51.7% Charts From this Twitter thread:… Continue reading 2022-03-02 BC

2022-03-02 General

Pathology This preprint says that they used immuno–positron emission tomography to see SARS-CoV-2 infection in cells, and found it kind of all over the male genital tract of macaques. Here’s a lay article on the subject, which added that 10-20% of men who get COVID-19 have problems with their genitals. Men, don’t get COVID-19, it’s… Continue reading 2022-03-02 General

2022-03-01 BC

Press Conference My interpretation of what Dr. Henry said (video) is: Novavax is only approved for people 18 to 64. (They didn’t have enough old people in the trials.) It is safe to mix and match with Novavax, or to get it as a booster. If you want it, call 1-833-838-2323 and get yourself on… Continue reading 2022-03-01 BC

2022-03-01 General

Pathology This article reports that a team can predict with 83% accuracy the severity of COVID-19 by looking at three components of blood (mostly TH17, a helper T cell, and immune system cells IL-17 and IFNG). Vaccines Yesterday I referenced a preprint which said that vaccine effectiveness in kidlets was awful. Today, there’s a different… Continue reading 2022-03-01 General