2022-03-09 BC

Statistics +274 cases, +14 deaths, +646 first doses, +2,372 second doses, +3,023 other doses. Currently 405 in hospital / 58 in ICU. first doses second doses third doses of adults 93.7% 91.3% 58.2% of over-12s 93.3% 90.8% 56.3% of over-5s 90.7% 86.6% * of all BCians 89.8% 85.7% 52.2% Charts

2022-03-09 General

Vaccines This letter to the editor reports on the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against various things for various variants: against variant # doses VE hospitalization alpha 2 85% hospitalization delta 2 85% hospitalization delta 3 94% hospitalization omicron 2 65% hospitalization omicron 3 86% ventilation alpha 2 or 3 76% ventilation delta 2 or 3… Continue reading 2022-03-09 General

2022-03-08 BC

Mitigation Measures This article reports that cruise ships are going to be allowed again starting in April (which apparently is the normal cruise ship season). Passengers will have to take a test before disembarking. This press release reports on an Order which requires health professionals to disclose their vaccination status to their College. I’ve seen… Continue reading 2022-03-08 BC

2022-03-07 BC

Testing This Ministry of Health press release says that people over 60 can now pick up one box of five rapid tests each at local pharmacies. (For reference, the over-seventies were able to pick up starting on 23 February 2022.) Statistics Fri/Sat: +385 casesSat/Sun: +327 casesSun/Mon: +285 cases Note that the case counts reported today… Continue reading 2022-03-07 BC


Pathology This preprint from the UK which compared brain scans made during the Alpha wave to brain scans in the same people several years prior. They found that people who had had COVID infections had more degradation in their brains (on average) than those who had not. They excluded people who had been hospitalized from… Continue reading 2022-03-05/06/07

2022-03-04 BC

Transmission Dr. Henry showed a slide in one of the previous presentations which said that the start of March would have a little lull, then cases would rise a little bit afterwards. The BC CDC Situation Report wastewater charts do in fact show a slight uptick at three of the five wastewater plants. Statistics +340… Continue reading 2022-03-04 BC

2022-03-03 BC

Statistics +391 cases, +13 deaths, +351 first doses, +1,321 second doses, +3,204 other doses. Currently 511 in hospital / 79 in ICU. first doses second doses third doses of adults 93.6% 91.2% 57.9% of over-12s 93.3% 90.8% 55.9% of over-5s 90.6% 86.3% * of all BCians 89.7% 85.5% 51.7% Charts From this Twitter thread: From… Continue reading 2022-03-03 BC

2022-03-03 General

Vaccines You might be wondering what the holdup is with shots for toddlers and babies. After all, the Pfizer shots were effective (during the Delta regime) for the under-two babies, just not for the toddlers (presumably because the dose:weight ratio was high enough for the babies but not the toddlers). This article about the approval… Continue reading 2022-03-03 General