2022-03-04 BC


Dr. Henry showed a slide in one of the previous presentations which said that the start of March would have a little lull, then cases would rise a little bit afterwards.

The BC CDC Situation Report wastewater charts do in fact show a slight uptick at three of the five wastewater plants.


+340 cases, +8 deaths.

Currently 484 in hospital / 69 in ICU. The province did not update the vaccination part of the dashboard, so I am missing some information.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults93.6%91.2%58.0%
of over-12s93.3%90.8%56.0%
of over-5s90.7%86.4%*
of all BCians???


From the federal vaccination page, first/second/third shots by age over time through 27 Feb. (Note that the timescales are different.)

From this Twitter thread: