2022-03-07 BC


This Ministry of Health press release says that people over 60 can now pick up one box of five rapid tests each at local pharmacies. (For reference, the over-seventies were able to pick up starting on 23 February 2022.)


Fri/Sat: +385 cases
Sat/Sun: +327 cases
Sun/Mon: +285 cases

Note that the case counts reported today are slightly higher than the ones reported last Monday.

Over weekend, ~4 deaths per day.

Currently 449 in hospital / 63 in ICU. The dashboard is broken, so I can’t get vaccination information.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults93.7%91.2%58.1%
of over-12s93.3%90.8%56.2%
of over-5s90.7%86.5%*
of all BCians???


From this Twitter thread: