2022-03-26/27/28 BC

Mitigation Measures

While the mask mandate in schools was dropped today, and the mask mandate for adults was dropped a while ago, this article reminds the reader that after you travel outside the country, anyone under 12 needs to still wear masks in indoor public areas. (It’s a federal regulation, and you have to do the stricter of provincial and federal regulations.) This Government of Canada web page says that for 14 days after you get back, you have to:

  • wear a mask for 14 days after you get back,
  • keep track of everywhere you’ve been and who you’ve interacted with,
  • keep copies of your proof of vaccination, and
  • monitor for symptoms.


This article says that an anti-vax doctor got his license suspended.


  • Fri/Sat: +207 cases
  • Sat/Sun: +197 cases
  • Sun/Mon: +152 cases

Over the weekend, approximately +2 deaths, +257 first doses, +1,821 second doses, +2,479 other doses per day.

Currently 288 in hospital / 48 in ICU.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults93.8%91.4%59.2%
of over-12s93.4%91.0%57.4%
of over-5s90.8%87.3%*
of all BCians89.9%86.4%53.3%