2021-07-17/18 General

Vaccines Canada has passed the USA in percentage of population that is fully vaxxed. This is bittersweet. I mean, yay us, but also it is so sad that hesitancy is so high in the US. Transmission This study found that patients caught COVID-19 from infected roommates 39% of the time. However, they also found that… Continue reading 2021-07-17/18 General

2021-07-16 BC

Vaccinations In this article, Dr. Henry points out that evacuation centres (for e.g. wildfires) make distancing difficult, so if you live in a wildfire area, you really ought to get your vaccination ASAP. Variants Delta is now 37% of cases. Uh-oh. Mitigation Measures In this article: Horgan goes along with Trudeau’s plans to open the… Continue reading 2021-07-16 BC

2021-07-15 BC

Tourism This article says that Canada will allow cruise ships to land in Canada again in November. Statistics +54 cases, +1 death, +6,932 first doses, +62,521 second doses (284 AZ). Currently 63 in hospital / 12 in ICU, 650 active cases, 145,859 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 80.5% 51.9% of over-12s 79.4% 48.6%… Continue reading 2021-07-15 BC

2021-07-15 General

Variants This article says that Delta, while more contagious, does not lead to more severe consequences. It points out that if Delta were more severe, then deaths per case would have increased recently, while it has not. On the other hand, this preprint says that Delta does cause more severe illness in Canada. Ah, science:… Continue reading 2021-07-15 General

2021-07-14 BC

Variants I and a friend have been puzzling together about the drop in VOC cases in BC. One possibility is that COVID Classic is increasing its market share, which seems unlikely. A more likely explanation is that Variants of Interest are circulating but they have not yet been declared Variants of Concern. An obvious suspect… Continue reading 2021-07-14 BC

2021-07-14 General

Vaccines This study shows that Pfizer gives really good protection to pregnant women (66%/97% against symptomatic infection with one/two doses). This small study (129 participants) from Hannover, Germany and this other even smaller study (59 participants) from Kiel Germany, showed that in test tubes, AZ+Pfizer is better than AZ+AZ (especially against Beta), and has basically… Continue reading 2021-07-14 General

2021-07-13 General

Vaccination Half of eligible Canadians have gotten their second dose, woohoo! Transmission This study looked at viral loads over time and found three interesting things: The total infectiousness (load integrated over time) was very different between different people. The viral load went up in saliva before it went up in nasal mucous. They suggest that… Continue reading 2021-07-13 General

2021-07-12 BC

Vaccine Clinics Here are graphs of BC’s first and second dose rates by age: Variants I mentioned in yesterday’s General post that the Netherlands is seeing a meteoric rise in cases. There are two things I should have mentioned: The Dutch removed almost all restrictions on 26 June, just five days before BC removed almost… Continue reading 2021-07-12 BC