2021-07-07 BC

Transmission From yesterday’s BCCDC Weekly Data Summary, most cases in June were in unvaccinated younger adults. Statistics Today: +56 cases, +0 deaths, +6,671 first doses, +57,120 second doses (513 of which were AZ). I started to freak out about there being a rise two days in a row, but then a friend reminded me that… Continue reading 2021-07-07 BC

2021-07-06 BC

Seroprevalence This tweet has this graph which references StatCan and says that the seroprevalence of COVID-19 in BC after the second wave was about 1.6 (with a possible range of 0.5% to 2.9%, eyeballing): This is very different from the 5 to 6% which this survey (that I reported on yesterday) found. I don’t know… Continue reading 2021-07-06 BC

2021-07-06 General

Vaccines In yesterday’s General blog post, I pointed to a study from Israel that said that Pfizer was only 64% effective. This thread does a takedown of that study. This preprint also says that AZ+Pfizer is a lot better (in test tubes, anyway) than AZ+AZ, and even a bit better than Pfizer+Pfizer. Disease This article… Continue reading 2021-07-06 General

2021-07-03/04/05 General

Seroprevalence This study from 18 June 2021 found that at the end of the second wave, between 5 and 6% of Canadians had antibodies to COVID-19, up from 2% after the first wave. Vaccines This study (done in Ontario) says that Moderna scores best against all the variants, and that Moderna does well against Delta… Continue reading 2021-07-03/04/05 General

2021-07-02 BC

Heat This is not COVID-19, but it’s important. The BC Coroner said that there were 719 deaths in the past week, three times as many as would be expected. That means there were about 480 excess deaths, or as many as there were COVID-19 deaths as there were from 12 Feb to now. Statistics Wed/Thu:… Continue reading 2021-07-02 BC

2021-07-02 General

Mitigation Measures Trudeau put in writing that the border stays closed to foreign nationals entering from anywhere but the United States until 75% of the population (not the adults, not the eligible) are fully vaxxed. The “anywhere but the United States” is interesting, I think it basically bans air travel. Foreign nationals entering from the… Continue reading 2021-07-02 General

2021-07-01 General

Testing You might have heard of “Lateral Flow Tests”. They are a type of rapid test which has been deployed widely in the UK. This study evaluated six different brands of lateral flow tests and found that they are less sensitive than PCR tests, but most of them are still pretty good. Long COVID This… Continue reading 2021-07-01 General