2021-07-12 General

Vaccines This article reports COVID-19 patients who got a flu shot had significantly fewer complications than patients who did not. COVAX is getting 100M doses immediately from Sinopharm and Sinovac. This is great news. It’s not enough, of course, but double what COVAX has distributed already. (There’s another 390M coming later, which is also great… Continue reading 2021-07-12 General

2021-07-11 BC

Economy This article says that BC’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.6% in June, down from 7% in May and 7.1% in April. However, full-time work is down.

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2021-07-11 General

Immunity This study estimates that immunity to COVID-19 from being infected will last 1,717 days. Variants The Delta variant does not fuck around. From Our World In Data: Border This article says that more people are trying to enter Canada from the US, but they are turning away about half of them, mostly because they… Continue reading 2021-07-11 General

2021-07-10 General

Vaccines This article says that the Sputnik V vaccine is turning out to be a good one, with effectiveness in the 90% range — and not just with Russian data, either. (I still wouldn’t get one because of the quality control problems which Brazil uncovered.)

2021-07-10 BC

Vaccine clinics I’ve been grousing about WHY ISN’T THE PROVINCE VAXXING FASTER, but I think I understand why now. The max day of 82K? That might not have been a the one-day result: it might include doses from previous days which just didn’t get logged properly. (On Thursday, the province logged 93K doses, and it… Continue reading 2021-07-10 BC

2021-07-09 BC

Excess Deaths As you might recall, there was a report that I talked about at length in the 2021-07-05 BC blog post which said that the BC COVID-19 death rate was higher than reported. Now, every jurisdiction’s COVID-19 death rate is going to be higher than reported. (There will be some COVID-19 deaths which got… Continue reading 2021-07-09 BC

2021-07-09 General

VOCs This report from Public Health England says that Delta now makes up 97% of the genotyped cases. This report from Public Health England says that there have been a few cases of Lambda from international travel, but it does not seem to be out-competing Delta and does not seem to be particularly vax-evasive. It… Continue reading 2021-07-09 General

2021-07-08 BC

Statistics Today: +59 cases, +1 death, +93,103 doses, +10,159 first doses, +82,944 second doses (of which 528 were AZ). NB: These numbers are so high compared to what we’ve been doing, that I suspect that a bunch of vaccinations from the weekend got written on a piece of paper that fell behind the filing cabinet… Continue reading 2021-07-08 BC

2021-07-08 General

Vaccines Pfizer says that a third shot boosts antibody levels 5x to 10x against COVID Classic and Beta. Remember that antibodies aren’t the whole story, and that Pfizer has incentive to get as many people as possible to buy their vax. They also said they are working on a Delta-specific booster. The US FDA immediately… Continue reading 2021-07-08 General

2021-07-07 General

Vaccines A few days ago, there was a Israeli Ministry of Health report saying that Pfizer was only 64% effective against the Delta strain, which was far lower than other studies had found. It looks like the study in Israel was against all infection, including asymptomatic infection, while the others were against symptomatic infection. That… Continue reading 2021-07-07 General