2021-09-17 BC

Schools Parents entered a school in the Interior and caused a lockdown. This tweet says that schools starting didn’t seem to cause a big spike in cases in children, but there is chatter on Twitter that parents are having trouble getting their kids tested. There’s also chatter that a rhinovirus is going around. Projections The… Continue reading 2021-09-17 BC

2021-09-16 BC

Statistics +706 cases, +4 deaths, +7,135 first doses, +7,335 second doses. Currently 291 in hospital / 134 in ICU, 5,844 active cases, 169,083 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 86.8% 79.7% of over-12s 86.3% 78.8% of all BCers 78.5% 71.6% The province has now given 4,004,302 first doses, yay! Charts From this tweet thread:

2021-09-15 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that when Dr. Gustafson today talked to family doctors, she said several things which indicate a more laissez-faire attitude towards the pandemic. Contact tracing has already been scaled back, children with a sniffle can go to classes if they test negative, exposed vaccinated people do not need to isolate, and… Continue reading 2021-09-15 BC

2021-09-14 BC

Statistics +677 cases, +1 death, +6,527 first doses, +5,866 second doses. Currently 288 in hospital / 140 in ICU, 6,165 active cases, 167,416 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 86.5% 79.4% of over-12s 86.0% 78.5% of all BCers 78.2% 71.4% Health Minister Adrian Dix tweeted that 92% of people in the ICU today are… Continue reading 2021-09-14 BC

2021-09-11/12/13 BC

Press Briefing Today, Dr. Henry announced that all health care workers who operated under provincial systems (i.e. private practices excluded) would need to be vaxxed by Oct. 26. Dr.. Henry also announced that they would give third doses to immunocompromised people. She was careful to say that this was not a booster, it was the… Continue reading 2021-09-11/12/13 BC

2021-09-10 BC

Mitigation Measures To nobody’s surprise, someone is suing the province over the vax passport. Vaccines It’s Friday, and that means we get vaccination rate by age charts, for both one dose and two doses. This data is through 4 September: Again: YAY TEENS and wtf fifty-somethings? Statistics +820 cases, +9 deaths, +6,629 first doses, +6,446… Continue reading 2021-09-10 BC

2021-09-09 BC

Statistics +774 cases, +5 deaths, +6,462 first doses, +6,906 second doses. Currently 262 in hospital / 130 in ICU, 5,594 active cases, 164,470 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 85.9% 78.8% of over-12s 85.3% 77.8% of all BCers 77.7% 70.8% Charts From this tweet:

2021-09-08 BC

Mitigation Measures The province is ending the rent freeze. Increases will be capped at 1.5%, and can’t take place before 1 Jan 2022. This article says that UVic has started classes, and that students have to either be vaxxed or get tested regularly. Treatment This article says that the province sent a letter to all… Continue reading 2021-09-08 BC

2021-09-03 BC

Mitigation Measures According to this article, it’s not that fast food restaurants have a blanket exemption from the mask mandate: takeout is exempted. Vaccines It’s Friday! That means there’s updates to the vax uptake by age over time, first and second doses: I have to say GO TEENS! And also, wth, 50-somethings? What are you… Continue reading 2021-09-03 BC