2021-06-08 BC

Testing SFU is doing a pilot rapid-testing program. Public Health Administration This article says that the chief medical health officer of Interior Health has been arrested on sexual assault charges. Mitigation Measures Richard Zussman (who is reliable) tweets that there have been 191 tickets for failing to comply with provincial health orders on COVID, totalling… Continue reading 2021-06-08 BC

2021-06-07 BC

Vaccinations This article mentions that some pharmacies which gave first doses of AZ are not going to give second doses of AZ. It is not clear where/how people who got first doses at such pharmacies should get their second doses. BC pharmacy association says you should expect your pharmacy to contact you about a second… Continue reading 2021-06-07 BC

2021-06-05/06 BC

Vaccinations A lot of you are probably wondering when you are going to get your second dose. Team AZ is probably wondering how long you’ll have to wait if for an mRNA if you turn down AZ. I made some SWAGs. Dose1 date AZ Dose2 mRNA Dose2 2021-03-22 2021-06-08 2021-06-10 2021-03-29 2021-06-10 2021-06-16 2021-04-05 2021-06-10… Continue reading 2021-06-05/06 BC

2021-06-04 BC

AZ+AZ vs. AZ+mRNA Ed: updated on 7 June to include the small Saarland study. Ed: updated on 6 July to include the Cologne study. A fair number of Team AZ members are wondering if they should choose an mRNA vax or AZ for their second dose. Below is what I know; this article also gives… Continue reading 2021-06-04 BC

2021-06-03 BC

Vaccinations A friend of mine who lives in Surrey got his invitation to book his second dose, and everywhere in Fraser Health was booked through the end of JULY! (He ended up getting a slot on 20 June at the Convention Centre in downtown Van.) It’s not clear, however, if there were appointments which got… Continue reading 2021-06-03 BC

2021-06-02 BC

Mitigation Measures The Haida nation will open back up to visitors, starting at Stage 3. There was a large outdoor gathering in the Interior. (It looks like on the grand scale of things, it probably wasn’t that dangerous, but def in violation.) Fines were issued. Vaccinations This tweet says that the young adults have registered… Continue reading 2021-06-02 BC

2021-06-01 BC

Mitigation Measures (removal) The PNE is going to open after all! It’s set to open on June 11. This article says that the province is seeking to grab thousands of dollars (under civil asset forfeiture) from the guy who got busted running a nightclub in his downtown condo. Variants The BC CDC Weekly Data Summary… Continue reading 2021-06-01 BC

2021-05-30/31 BC

The news has been slow, I think in part because the US has a long weekend, but also because COVID-19 is generally receding as a major issue, certainly in the US but also somewhat in Canada. Variants On Thursday, Dr. Henry nonchalantly announced that they were dropping the dose interval from 16 weeks to 8… Continue reading 2021-05-30/31 BC

2021-05-29 BC

Transmission This article says that BC CDC is doing a study of transmission of COVID-19 from cats to humans. Vaccines It’s now okay to use AZ for a month past its posted expiry date. Some provinces have doses expiring on 31 May. (Dr.Henry has said that ours expires at the end of June.)

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2021-05-28 BC

Vaccinations BC continues to vax like crazy, with a record 73,458 doses today! That’s 1.4% of all BCers vaxxed in a day. Here’s what the age breakdown for women looks like: Men are a little bit behind, especially younger men: Statistics +317 cases, +2 deaths, +69,303 first doses (!!!), +4,155 second doses. Currently 292 in… Continue reading 2021-05-28 BC