2022-01-12 BC


This article says that two schools had to close due to too many staff illnesses.

This Twitter thread shows that SARS-CoV-2 in Metro Van wastewater looks like it is going down!


This article says that anti-vaxxers have been paying vulnerable people to get vaccinated under other people’s names.

This article says that RCMP arrested five people and issued 40 tickets at an anti-mask protest at a grocery store.


Today: +2,859 cases, +6 deaths, +3,193 first doses, +1,835 second doses, +53,932 other doses.

Positivity rate of 19.3%, which is up. 🙁

Currently 500 in hospital / 102 in ICU, 36,641 active cases, 246,693 recovered.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults92.6%90.0%29.9%
of over-12s92.2%89.5%27.9%
of over-5s88.9%83.2%*
of all BCers86.5%81.0%25.4%


From this Twitter thread:

From this Tweet: