2022-01-08/09/10 BC

Staff Shortages

This article says that almost half of the ambulances in the Lower Mainland have been idle recently from lack of staff.


  • Fri/Sat: +2,573 cases
  • Sat/Sun: +2,287 cases
  • Sun/Mon: +2,106 cases

7 deaths over the weekend; approximately +4,199 first doses, +937 second doses, +36,154 other doses per day. 

Currently 431 in hospital / 95 in ICU, 34,551 active cases, 243,953 recovered. 

Positivity rate of 16.9%.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults92.5%89.9%27.7%
of over-12s92.2%89.4%25.8%
of over-5s88.7%83.2%*
of all BCers86.4%80.8%23.5%


From this Twitter thread: