2022-01-06 BC


The province has opened up a mass vax clinic at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and whatever they are doing is working: the province gave just over 50K doses yesterday. That’s good.

HOWEVER, the Vancouver Convention Centre was really snarled today, according to first-hand reports and also this article. There was a 20 minute wait outside and then a ninety minute wait inside.


+3,223 cases, +3 deaths, +3,684 first doses, +1,851 second doses, +44,329 other doses.

Positivity rate of 21.2%.

Currently 324 in hospital / 90 in ICU, 31,817 active cases, 238,524 recovered.

No news for multiple days on how many Omicron cases there were.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults92.4%89.8%24.1%
of over-12s92.1%89.3%22.5%
of over-5s88.4%83.1%*
of all BCers86.0%80.8%20.4%