2021-08-17 BC

First Nations This Twitter thread shows that First Nations people are significantly less vaxxed than settlers. Statistics +501 cases, +1 death, +3,571 first doses, +13,507 second doses. Currently 111 in hospital / 51 in ICU, 5,296 active cases, 149,847 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 83.5% 74.9% of over-12s 82.7% 73.5% of all BCers… Continue reading 2021-08-17 BC

2021-08-16 BC

Vaccination Clinics This article says that one of the North Shore vax clinics is closing due to lack of demand (noting that the North Shore has really high vax rates). Statistics Fri/Sat: +532 casesSat/Sun: +441 casesSun/Mon: +461 cases +1 death, average +3,739 first doses, average +18,575 second doses over the weekend. Currently 104 in hospital… Continue reading 2021-08-16 BC

2021-08-16 General

Vaccines In this preprint, they found antibody levels post-vax were (slightly) higher in women, younger people, Moderna vaccinees (vs. Pfizer), people who had prior COVID-19, and those who had significant side-effects. If I understand this table correctly, you are more likely to have significant side effects after dose 1 if you were over 60, female,… Continue reading 2021-08-16 General

2021-08-14 BC

Transmission This article says that COVID-19 cases in Whatcom County (which contains Blaine and Bellingham) are now the fourth-highest they’ve been.

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2021-08-13 BC

Mitigation Measures It is unclear if BC Ferries passengers’ will need to be vaccinated as part of the federal mandate that various types of passengers need to be vaccinated. Vaccines It’s Friday, so there’s an update on vaccinations by age, with data through 7 August: Treatment This article warns of staffing shortages, especially among nurses.… Continue reading 2021-08-13 BC

2021-08-13 General

Hospitalizations An independent statistician pulled together this graph: Why does Quebec have such a fall-off in hospitalizations/confirmed case and ICU admissions/confirmed case when the other provinces do not? Because Quebec does a better job testing/finding cases, so the denominator is bigger. Note that the most recent data is excluded because the episode date is when… Continue reading 2021-08-13 General

2021-08-12 BC

Long-Term Care Homes Today there was a press briefing where Dr. Henry/Minister Dix announced new orders for Long-Term Care Homes. They said that they were hoping that they could cope with unvaccinated workers by testing them frequently and having more stringent PPE requirements for them. Delta had other ideas, apparently, so they are now mandating… Continue reading 2021-08-12 BC