2021-08-05 General

Vaccines This study out of the Netherlandsfound that the vaccine effectiveness against transmission to household members was: 58% for AZ 70% for Pfizer 88% for Moderna 77% for J&J Moderna says their vaccine’s effectiveness does not wane in six months, only dropping from 94% to 93% effectiveness. According to the Moderna Q2 Investor’s Report, the… Continue reading 2021-08-05 General

2021-08-04 BC

Mitigation Measures Today, Dr. Henry said that she thought we were absolutely on track to enter Stage 4 on 7 Sept as planned. This surprises me, to say the least. From the BC Restart website: The criteria for moving to Step 4 is more than 70% of the 18+ population vaccinated with dose 1, along… Continue reading 2021-08-04 BC

2021-08-04 General

Treatments This preprint says that injecting REGEN-COV (a monoclonal antibody treatment that you might know by the name of the company, Regeneron) into people who have been exposed to COVID-19 prevents developing a symptomatic infection with efficacy of 92.6%. This is a BFD. Before, they had to give it as an infusion i.e. the patients… Continue reading 2021-08-04 General

2021-08-03 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: 160 new casesSat/Sun: 196 new casesSun/Mon: 185 new casesMon/Tue: 201 new cases Over the long weekend, +1 death, an average of +3,763 first doses, +32,016 second doses per day. Currently 53 in hospital / 19 in ICU, 1,544 active cases, 147,285 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 82.3% 69.7% of over-12s 81.4%… Continue reading 2021-08-03 BC